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Our Projects


Conquest for Life‘s primary focus is on children, young people and families. The organisation has two projects. The Youth at Risk Crime Prevention Program focuses on at risk young people

Youth At Risk Crime Prevention Program
Our Youth At Risk – Crime prevention Program consist of the following Projects:

Building Bridges Diversion
Youths at risk may be sent to us via the RAR Centre, Community, School or the local courts. They enter a two month life skills programme at CFL and progress is monitored throughout. The project runs on weekday afternoons and is split into two segments. Topics covered include communication skills, conflict management and resolution, positive self image and attitude etc. and youth work in groups. The program also includes community service with the idea to give back to the community. At the end of the programme, Conquest For Life staff members send a report to the court for feedback on progress.

Victim Offender Conferencing Project (VOC)
Victim Offender Conferencing Project is a creative, community based and Restorative Justice Project dealing with human issues of crime through a face-to-face interaction between the offender(s), their respective families and to some extent appointed support persons from the community. The process is guided by highly skilled community mediators/facilitators and together we try and reach common ground and resolve situations out of court.

Men Up
The Men Up Project is part of Conquest For Life’s Adult Diversion Project. The project targets adult man and woman in conflict with the law with the aim of rehabilitating them and offering them a second chance. The project is designed to monitor and further develop their character and change their mind-sets through a variety of programs which includes counseling.

In & Out Youth Development Programme
This project reaches young people in previously disadvantaged communities of Gauteng and provides them with relevant support and skills to face social challenges and to sustain themselves and their communities. The project equips young people at school with expertise to meet their social needs and to address issues and other social pressing issues affecting them in general. Through this project, young people are empowered and skilled to face life challenges and to be able to respond to challenges and issues they face as young people at school and home.

Umanqoba Food Drive
The Umanqoba Food Drive forms part of all Conquest For Life’s Programs. It is the feeding arm of the Organisation and it supplies food to all the programs and Projects. With the COVID-19 the program was forced to stand on its own and supply food to other organizations, individuals and churches. The organization have established a Network of groups, Organisations, NPO’s, Churches and people that distribute food in various communities. This allows the organisations to share resources, eradicate duplications and ensure accountability.


Youth Enrichment Project

The Aftercare Project
The purpose of the Aftercare Project is to empower school children aged 5-16. We try to support youth in their learning at school and help improve their academic performance. Our services include the provision of a safe after-school environment for children; holiday camps; and teaching peace-making skills through games with regular school visits.

Just For Kids (JFK)
The Just For Kids Games brings children from conflicting cultures together through cooperative play to promote a positive relationship among people who have a history of intercultural tension. By bringing children together from unique backgrounds, values, and beliefs through the seemingly simple act of play, seeds of compassion are sown for a more peaceful today and tomorrow.

Youth 2 Youth (Y2Y)
The youth 2 youth project is the same as the JFK with a focus on High School youth. Young people in High schools don’t want to be called kids anymore. They want to be called Youth or young people.

Holiday Program
Is to cater the needs of the Youth Enrichment Program during the school recession. Conquest For Life undertakes various educational excursions and camps at the organization’s Dreamlands’ Farm. Children are offered an opportunity to learn outside their areas of comfort, and activities such as the rope course are used to test their abilities and patience and to build up their interpersonal skills Program.

Parent Program - Family/Parent Workshop
Family/Parent Workshop - This program is structured in a way that it responds to holistic issues such as parenting and life skills. Parental workshops on early childhood development, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS aims to create an environment where parents can learn to open up to their children, break communication barriers, strengthen family cohesiveness and to better understand the cultural norms that might lead to HIV/AIDS prevalence.


Counselling Programme

Conquest For Life offers different counselling in all kinds of matters relating from Legal, Spiritual, Domestic, etc. We draw from our network of friends and Partners that have many years of experience and are trained in their field of expectancies. Call our office to make an appointment for someone to help and assist you.

Volunteer Program
Conquest For Life is in Existence for 24 years now and have a number of Projects that You CAN help us further develop it and make a huge impact in the lives of the Participants that we engage in on a daily basis. Your live will be enriched as you see people change from a zero to a hero. You have an opportunity to help us Build South Africa.

Here is the deal: You get your flight to Johannesburg South Africa with all your documentation. Conquest For Life will provide accommodation and food while you are here. If you Interested contact the CEO on and Tel: 011 473 1651.



Direct Contributions can be made into the bank account

Bank: FNB
Acc Holder: Conquest for Life
Acc No: 62611 351769
Branch no: 252805
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ


contact details

Head Office: 66 Price Street, Newclare, Gauteng, South Africa 2093
Ennerdale Office: 49 Allie Crescent, Ennerdale Ext. 9, 1809
Soweto Office: 4088 Meadowlands, Zone 9, Soweto, 1852

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Our Legal Status
Conquest For Life is registered as the following:

- Section 21 Company/ Not for profit Company, Reg No: 1996 000027/08. In terms of the new companies act, the organisation is a Non Profit Company.

- With the Department of Social Services as o Not for Profit Organisation, Reg No: 005-415.

- With SARS as a registered section 18 Organisation, Reg No: 930 003 994 and as a Public Benefits Organization Reg No: RG/0243/08/04. In terms of this registration any member of the public “shall be allowed to be deducted from the taxable income of any taxpayer so much of the sum of any bonafide donations by that taxpayer in cash or of property made in kind was actually paid or transferred during the year of assessment.”

- Conquest For Life has an Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME) BBBEE LEVEL 4 status. All contributions “100% of your spend with this company can be counted as BEE spend.


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