Dunisani Baloyi

Dunisani Baloyi is a 29 year old young man from Limpopo. He completed school matric in 2005. He likes working with people and enjoys a challenge. His main strengths are to adapt to the environment. He is a dependable person and very determine to get the job done. He tries to learn something new from every experience because there is always room for self-improvement both personally and professionally. He is visually impairment but this has not in any way prevented him from successfully completing a degree course and further education him. Dunisani was a very good learner and participates in most of the school activities. He very caring person and loved to play with other learners. After matriculation he had two careers choices where he wanted to be a professional Nurse or a Social worker In short Dunisani is a driven, fun and motivated young men with a vision, trying to work and communicate with other young people. In 2008 he came to stay permanently in Soweto and things became different for him.  He adapted to the place and became involved with an organization called South African Drugs, Abuse and HIV council (SADAAC) as a volunteer for 2 years.  Dunisani saw himself as an entrepreneur and always looking for possible channels to grow, learn and develop him. His entrepreneurial spirit was inspired by the wonderful organisations, Conquest for Life where he came to join in 2010. It s been more than four years supporting the mission of CFL. It is challenging and interesting at the same time but committed and loves his Job. As he is getting inspired also by his Director as his role model.  Dunisani is now working as the Soweto Branch Manager. All in all he learnt from the Conquest For Life slogan “Don’t Kill Yourself, Skill Yourself “. Dunisani is a qualified Auxiliary Social Worker and is in the process of completing his Social Work degree. He has also complete a Business course at Rhema Bible College.