Youth Enrichment Project

The Aftercare Project

The purpose of the Aftercare Project is to empower school aged children aged 5-16. We try to support youth in their learning at school and help improve their academic performance. Our services include the provision of a safe after-school environment for children; holiday camps; and teaching peace-making skills through games with regular school visits.

Just For Kids (JFK)

The Just For Kids Games brings children from conflicting cultures together through cooperative play to promote a positive relationship among people who have a history of intercultural tension. By bringing children together from unique backgrounds, values, and beliefs through the seemingly simple act of play, seeds of compassion are sown for a more peaceful today and tomorrow.

Youth 2 Youth (Y2Y)

The youth 2 youth project is the same as the JFK with a focus on High School youth. Young people in High schools don’t want to be called kids anymore. They want to be called Youth or young people.

Holiday Program

Is to cater the needs of the Youth Enrichment Program during the school recession. Conquest For Life undertakes various educational excursions and camps at the organization’s Dreamlands’ Farm. Children are offered an opportunity to learn outside their areas of comfort, and activities such as the rope course are used to test their abilities and patience and to build up their interpersonal skills Program.

Parent Program - Family/Parent Workshop

This program is structured in a way that it responds to holistic issues such as parenting and life skills. Parental workshops on early childhood development, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS aims to create an environment where parents can learn to open up to their children, break communication barriers, strengthen family cohesiveness and to better understand the cultural norms that might lead to HIV/AIDS prevalence.