Youth At Risk Crime Prevention Program

Our Youth At Risk – Crime prevention Program consist of the following Projects:

Building Bridges Diversion

Youths at risk may be sent to us via the RAR Centre, Community, School or the local courts. They enter a two month life skills programme at CFL and progress is monitored throughout. The project runs on weekday afternoons and is split into two segments. Topics covered include communication skills, conflict management and resolution, positive self image and attitude etc. and youth work in groups. The program also includes community service with the idea to give back to the community. At the end of the programme, For Life staff members send a report to the court for feedback on progress.

Victim Offender Conferencing Project (VOC)

Victim Offender Conferencing Project is a creative, community based and Restorative Justice Project dealing with human issues of crime through a face-to-face interaction between the offender(s), their respective families and to some extent appointed support persons from the community. The process is guided by highly skilled community mediators/facilitators and together we to try and reach common ground and resolve situations out of court.

Reathusana Child Justice Project

The Reathusana Child Youth Justice Project is part of Conquest For Life’s Youth At Risk Project. The project targets awaiting trail young offenders under the age of 18 and aims at rehabilitating young people while incarcerated. The is designed to monitor and further develop young peoples’ character and change their mindsets through a variety of programs, which will be delivered by trained enthusiastic young people from Conquest For Life.

S.H.E – Sexy Healthy and Empowered

This project reaches young women and girls in four previously disadvantaged communities of Gauteng and provides them with relevant support and skills to face social challenges and to sustain themselves and their communities. The project equips women and girls with expertise to meet their social needs and to address issues that exacerbate abuse and other social pressing issues affecting women in general. Through this project, women and girls are empowered and skilled to face life challenges and to be able to respond to gender stereotypes and imbalances due to religious and cultural norms. Gender is an overarching issue as it applies to most societal problems affecting our society today, and it remains at the forefront of the governments’ agenda throughout the world.

Computer Training Centre

The Computer Training Centre consists of two programmes; office computer training and parent & community programme with plans to develop two additional programmes; technical support and internet development. Together, these four programmes help improve computer literacy, job search skills and employability amongst disaffected young people from surrounding communities and their parents.