Our Objectives

Conquest For Life (CFL) has been in existence for over twenty one (21) years and has worked to achieve the following objectives:


  • Developing a Sense of Self

Young people in South Africa need time, space and a safe environment in which to pursue alternatives to their current lifestyles.  Conquest For Life has created and established this environment through a number of projects which give young people a variety of opportunities to redefine themselves from a minus to a plus; a failure to success and from a nobody to somebody.

  • Strengthening Family Structures

One of the main problems in the townships is the lack of family values and poor family structures and environments.  Single parent families headed by the mother are common, leaving young men without positive male role models. For every project Conquest For Life has incorporated a family/parent component (e.g. workshops, computer courses, volunteering) as a way of addressing this problem.

  • Strengthening Community Structures

Conquest For Life is attempting to open up and strengthen dialogue between the child/young person, parent, community institutions (e.g. schools, community centres) and the wider community to ensure a holistic and sustainable approach to addressing community concerns.

  • Youth Development & Empowerment

The majority of staff came to Conquest For Life through participating in youth camps or after school activities and are therefore well placed to relate to other beneficiaries.